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What is Orthopedic Manual Therapy ?

This is the model of treatment that involves the use of joint manipulations, soft tissue manipulation, specific and general exercise prescription after a thorough subjective and objective assessment. It is a hands on approach that involves palpation of joint and muscles.

What does OMT treat

The conditions that OMT deals with include musculoskeletal issues such as low back pain, neck and nerve related disorders, pre and post-surgical rehabilitations, joint pains and stiffness, cervicogenic headaches amongst others. It is also guided by patient education as a vital tool in treatment which allows focused attention by the condition to help better treatment outcome.


Benefits of Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Cases like back pain, whether they are chronic or acute, can be treated through manual therapy. There are no known side effects because the treatment is hands-on. It also deals with mobilization of nerves, soft-tissue, and fascia. Relief is attained in less time than most therapies and with less financial strain on the patient as well.Near the end of treatment, muscles feel relaxed and calmed and there is an increased circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream. There is little to no discomfort due to the specific types of exercises and massage techniques used in manual therapy. The exercises and massage techniques are geared to allow movement of the body beyond a current restricted range of motion.


Importance of manual therapy

  • Effective for acute and chronic pain.
  • Helpful in relaxing muscles and breaking up scar tissue.
  • Useful in increasing joint movement beyond restricted range of motion.
  • Helpful in reducing painful muscle spasms.